LEC, INC. provides a complete range of engineering services including the following:

  1. Preparation of engineered tentative maps and applications for land subdivisions

  2. Preparation and processing of site plans for development projects

  3. Preparation and processing of change of zone or land use applications

  4. Engineering and design of site improvements including grading, parking area design, street improvements, sewer, water and storm drain systems, and utilities

  5. Preparation of drainage studies, hydrological analysis, and design of drainage and flood control facilities

  6. Preparation of final tract maps and parcel maps for subdivisions

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LEC, INC. performs surveying services as needed to provide property information and data to facilitate design of engineering projects. We also provide necessary surveying support to construction activities:

  1. Boundary and property surveys

  2. Record of surveys

  3. Topographic mapping

  4. Photogrammetric aerial surveys

  5. Construction control surveys

  6. Construction staking

  7. Preparation of legal descriptions and exhibit maps

  8. Lot line adjustments


LEC, INC. has extensive experience in the management of the construction of residential and commercial land development projects and infrastructure improvements:

  1. Preparation of conceptual cost estimates for budgetary purposes including costs for fees, agency deposits and potential reimbursement

  2. Preparation of detailed cost estimates based on completed engineering and utility system designs

  3. Preparation of technical specifications and bid schedules

  4. Coordination of project bidding, pre-bid conferences, and recommendations for contract award

  5. Supervise construction activities including expediting agency permits, monitoring of construction progress, and resolution of field problems

  6. Coordinate with public utility companies for the preparation of plans and contracts and obtaining utility installation schedules

  7. Processing of specialty permits from Caltrans, Army Corp of Engineers, State Department of Fish and Game and State Water Quality Control Board



LEC, INC. offers comprehensive design services for buildings from single residence to tract home packages, single to multi-story commercial buildings, apartments and condominiums, tenant improvements, Landscape and Irrigation design, Site Master Planning, and Cost and Feasibility Analysis.